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Bus-Tech Announces zDASD 3990 Controller
IBM's TotalStorage Proven™ for FAStT and NAS Gateways

Burlington, MA - January 15, 2004 - Bus-Tech®, Inc. , a leading supplier of data center connectivity products announced zDASD, a new product for connecting mainframes to IBM's FAStT and NAS Gateway products in support of DASD (ECKD) file access. zDASD connects to the mainframe using either FiCON or ESCON channels and can emulate up to sixty-four 3390 models 3, 9 or 27 storage volumes with alternate path support. The controller connects to IBM's FAStT arrays via Fibre Channel or to IBM's NAS Gateways via Gigabit Ethernet. The product has been extensively tested at IBM's facilities and has earned the distinction of being IBM TotalStorage Proven™ and IBM Storage Validated.


Bus-Tech Announces FiCON Support on The Mainframe Appliance for Storage
New Features Offer Higher Performance and Enhanced Scalability

Burlington, MA - October 23, 2003 - Bus-Tech®, Inc., a leading supplier of data center connectivity products, announced significant enhancements to the Mainframe Appliance for Storage (MAS) today, a tape-on-disk controller for System/390 mainframes. The new release of the MAS offers: support for FiCON, enhanced scalability and other high-performance features. MAS in combination with emerging ATA drive technology, provides a cost effective solution for using disk for mainframe backup.


Bus-Tech Announces Support for EMC Centera Content Addressed Storage Platform
Cost-effective end-to-end Fixed Content Solution

Burlington, MA - June 3, 2003 - Bus-Tech™, Inc., today announced support for EMC Centera content addressed storage (CAS) for its Mainframe Appliance for Storage (MAS) product. The new integrated solution will provide a powerful method of managing fixed content to make information available throughout the enterprise on a cost-effective basis. The technology enables faster, more efficient knowledge sharing across the enterprise, allowing companies to devote more time and resources to customer service initiatives, and as a result, improved customer satisfaction.


Vanderbilt Implements the Bus-Tech MAS to Consolidate Resources and Dramatically Shrink the Backup Window

April 14 , 2003 - Today’s economic environment has forced enterprise IT organizations to concentrate on getting as much done as possible with resources currently available – both financial and human resources. Successful IT organizations are implementing processes and solutions that maximize the efficiency of IT staff and provide enhanced ROI. Vanderbilt University’s IT department is a case in point.

EMC and Progress Systems announce approval of Progress Systems as an Authorized Reseller of the EMC Centera Content Addressable (CAS) Storage System.

November 11, 2002 - Today EMC and Progress Systems announce the addition of the EMC Centera Content Addressable Storage (CAS) System to the list of EMC Storage Solutions that Progress Systems is authorized to sell. In addition to the Symmetrix, Clariion and Celerra hardware storage solutions and EMC's family of storage management software, Progress Systems now can offer customers the ideal solution for their fixed content storage needs. Whether you are running on a S/390 mainframe or open systems platform, need to do email archiving, content management or database archiving, or just want to replace old tape drives, libraries or optical jukeboxes, the Centera is the ultimate archive storage solution. For more information please download the Centera data sheet.

Siemens Dematic Division Integrates Mainframe and Open Systems Backup

Grand Rapids, MI - November 1, 2002 - Siemens Dematic, the world's leading supplier of logistics and factory automation solutions, announced that it has integrated its System/390 mainframe and its open systems backup using the Bus-Tech Mainframe Appliance for Storage (MAS) and Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) software. Saving time, money, operator resources and ensuring fast accurate backup of multiple systems from a single operation, Siemens is very pleased with the MAS and TSM. For more information please download the pdf.

Progress Systems Announces the Availability of the new Bus-Tech iSCSI Storage Solution for S/390 Mainframe Servers.

October 31, 2002 - Bus-Tech™, Inc., a leading supplier of data center connectivity products announced today the iSCSI Storage Server and iSCSI protocol support on its Mainframe Appliance for Storage; expanding the tape-on-disk product family to include an IP-based Storage Controller. The iSCSI Storage Server, available from Progress Systems, is a standalone controller that connects Ultra160 SCSI or Fibre Channel storage to an IP network using iSCSI protocols. The iSCSI Storage Server is designed for use with MAS; extending the Ultra160 SCSI channel length or using a gigabit Ethernet backbone to bridge the MAS with corporate SAN resources.

The iSCSI Storage Server is a rack mount 1 U (1.75") server with two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, an external Ultra160 SCSI interface, and an optional fibre channel interface. External SCSI and/or Fibre Channel disk subsystems can be directly attached. One to eight SCSI logical units (LUNs) can be exported over the Gigabit Ethernet interface to be accessed by Bus-Tech MAS controllers. For more information: http://www.bustech.com/hot/fs/fs_s390_mainframe.htm


Progress Systems announces the availability of NAS Support for the Bus-Tech Mainframe Appliance for Storage.

September 24, 2002 - Bus-Tech™, Inc., a leading supplier of data center connectivity products, and Progress Systems, Inc., the leading integrator of S/390 mainframes and open systems storage, announced today significant enhancements to the Mainframe Appliance for Storage (MAS), a tape-on-disk controller for System/390 mainframes. The MAS now supports Network Attached Storage (NAS), data exchange between mainframes and open-system platforms.

The MAS has been upgraded with gigabit Ethernet, TCP/IP, and support for network-attached storage. The MAS can now connect with networked storage using either the Network File System (NFS) common to Unix, Linux, and commercial NAS products or the Common Internet File System (CIFS) used by Microsoft Windows 2000 based-servers. Networked storage can be used as the primary data repository for MAS tape volumes, to create point-in-time mirror images of the primary data repository, or as a storage medium for full and incremental backups. Combined with high-speed internet access, the MAS now provides a low-cost alternative for automated Remote Data Vaulting of mainframe data; a critical component of any full-function Disaster Recovery solution.

Another new feature of the MAS is the ability to exchange data between mainframe and open-system environments. With this announcement, the MAS is now capable of writing or reading a "flat" file format compatible with Windows, Unix, and/or Linux systems. Combined with support for networked disks, flat file data exchange allows the MAS to deliver mainframe data anywhere in the corporate network without the use of expensive specialized mainframe application software.


Progress Systems announces that Bus-Tech's Mainframe Appliance for Storage is certified with FalconStor's IPStor Software.

August 6, 2002 . - Bus-Tech™, Inc. , a leading supplier of data center connectivity products, and FalconStor™ Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: FALC), a leading provider of network storage infrastructure software, announced today that Bus-Tech's Mainframe Appliance for Storage™ has been certified for interoperability with FalconStor's IPStor™. These two products, available from Progress Systems, provide an affordable, highly functional SAN-based Tape-on-Disk system for IBM System/390 class mainframes.


Progress Systems authorized IBM Business Partner

June 14, 2002 - Progress Systems, Inc. and IBM Corporation announce the addition of Progress Systems as an authorized IBM Business Partner. IBM is the fastest growing major storage vendor, and has storage products for every computing arena from mainframe to Unix to Windows. The product set spans Direct Attach Storage, Storage Area Networks, and Network Attached Storage. With experience in both mainframe and open systems environments, Progress Systems is an ideal partner with IBM storage. For more information on IBM storage products from Progress Systems please contact us at info@progresssystems.com


Data Distributors, Inc. Realizes Significant Benefits from Virtual Tape Library
New System Saves Significant Time and Money

Framingham, MA - May 15, 2002 -- Data Distributors, Inc., a leading data services company, announces the implementation of the Virtual Tape Library using the Bus-Tech Mainframe Appliance for Storage has provided significant savings in costs and operations time, resulting in a more efficient operation and improved customer service. For complete details download the success story write-up here:

Bus-Tech Announces The Mainframe Appliance for Storage
New Product Leverages Open-System Disk Storage into Mainframe Environments

Burlington, MA - May 1, 2002 -- Bus-Tech, Inc., a leading supplier of data center connectivity products, announced today the Mainframe Appliance for Storage, a virtual tape controller for System/390 mainframes. The Mainframe Appliance for Storage provides ESCON channel connectivity to the mainframe and SCSI or Fibre Channel connectivity to low-cost, open-system disk storage.

Progress System offers Virtual Tape Solutions based on Bus-Tech, Inc. Mainframe Appliance for Storage.
Virtual Tape replaces tape drive(s) with tape-on-disk system using low-cost storage and emulates standard mainframe 3490 tape drives.
Progress Systems partners with leading mainframe technology companies.
Progress Systems partners are the industry leaders in mainframe connectivity, storage and networking. These companies offer products and services that combine decades of mainframe expertise with cutting-edge technologies that enable today's mainframe customers to align their information systems wit their business strategies.
Progress Systems announces new office location.

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