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Progress Systems partners are the industry leaders in mainframe connectivity, storage and networking. These companies offer products and services that combine decades of mainframe expertise with cutting-edge technologies that enable today's mainframe customers to align their information systems with their business strategies.

Authorized EMC Business Partner

EMC Corporation is the world leader in information storage systems, software, networks, and services and the only company 100% dedicated to automated networked storage. EMC Automated Networked Storage combines SAN, NAS, and CAS environments into an integrated networked storage infrastructure. It unifies networked storage technologies, storage platforms, software, and services to enable organizations to better and more cost-effectively manage, protect and share information.

As a result, customers are able to reduce costs through consolidation of storage and server resources, centralize and automate manual storage management tasks, and improve overall business continuity and flexibility.

Progress Systems is the leading EMC Business Partner for the Centera Content Addressable Storage System, as well as for the other hardware and software storage solutions from EMC. Progress Systems is also a member of the EMC Centera Developers Program. Customers will soon be able to use Progress Systems software, running on ESCON attached controllers, to attach the Centera storage system as a S/390 mainframe virtual tape library. By emulating multiple 3480/3490 tape drives, the Centera will be able to replace tape drives, libraries and silos. The Centera will provide the best of all three mainframe storage media. It will provide response time like DASD, pricing like tape, and data security like WORM capable optical jukeboxes.

Bus-Tech, Inc.

Bus-Tech's businesses consist of Intranet-to-Mainframe connectivity solutions, high-speed data movement products and channel connectivity solutions for OEMs, all of which provide a broad range of offerings to complement the significant role Mainframes play in corporate networks. Bus-Tech's leading-edge channel and data movement technology solutions offer simple, efficient and cost-effective ways for customers to accelerate Intranet deployment today while maintaining the flexibility to adapt to the needs of tomorrow. These solutions enable users to seamlessly access applications and data, which reside on the Mainframe via standard browser-based clients, without sacrificing performance, reliability, security or manageability.


Data storage and disaster recovery solutions offered by StorageTek include an array of reliable and cost-effective tape drives, disk storage, SAN solutions, virtual storage and backup software. StorageTek delivers a broad range of storage solutions for all digitized data. StorageTek solutions are easy to manage and allow universal access to data across servers, media types and storage networks. Whether your server environment is mainframes, Unix, Windows or all of the above, StorageTek has disk, tape, software and related solutions for all of your storage needs.

Authorized IBM Business Partner

When considering storage, companies must consider solutions that provide cost-effective, scalable, flexible storage with high availability and performance. IBM has been tackling critical storage issues for large and small companies - in practically every industry - with everything from strategy to implementation. And that commitment continues today from IBM and Progress Systems. Together, we're here to make your storage decision easier. IBM gained more overall market share than any of the top ten disk storage suppliers in 2001, according to a report released May 30, 2002 by Gartner Dataquest. Highlights from the report entitled “RAID-based Disk Storage Market Share Report, 2001" include

  • IBM, buoyed by increased TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server (code named "Shark") sales, gained 4.2 points of external RAID controller-based storage market share in 2001.
  • IBM led the top five storage vendors in 2001 with a 21.2% external RAID controller-based storage revenue increase.
  • IBM regained the #1 position in mainframe (OS/390) external RAID controller-based storage market share and revenue in 2001 with 48% of the market, a 17.1 point gain over the previous year.
  • IBM's SAN-attached external RAID controller-based storage revenue grew 72.6 % in 2001
  • IBM gained share in the total UNIX, Linux, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris and HP-UX external RAID controller-based storage operating system markets.

"IBM's end-to-end disk storage product portfolio, led by the Enterprise Storage Server, rose to the challenge of a price-conscious, cutthroat storage industry to deliver impressive, unmatched business growth in 2001," said Linda Sanford, senior vice president and group executive of IBM's Storage Systems Group. "The Gartner analysis marks another significant milestone in our unwavering march to leadership in the enterprise storage industry."

Network Appliance

Network Appliance is a recognized leader in enterprise storage and the delivery of data and content on demand. NetApp® solutions empower enterprises with sustainable competitive advantage, improved profitability, and faster time-to-market by exploiting untapped value in IT infrastructures. Designed to enable enterprises to create global data management strategies today, NetApp storage solutions ensure that customers get information where it's needed, when it's needed-more efficiently, more effectively, and more reliably than with any other solution available.


UpTime has been a systems integrator and value-added reseller (VAR) for more than 20 years. The company provides storage solutions, tape libraries and backup systems from well-known vendors such as Overland Data, Qualstar, Veritas, Spectra Logic and SyncSort as well as networking devices from Extreme Networks, Cisco and NetScreen. In addition, KVM switches from, Raritan allow users to control multiple servers with a single keyboard, video and mouse. A fully certified technical staff provides system installation and support services.

Zephyr Corporation

With over 16 years experience in creating advanced host access solutions, Zephyr is well known for developing quality terminal emulation software. The company was an active participant on the Internet Engineering Task Force TN3270E/TN5250E committee that drafted these important standards, and assisted both Cisco and IBM to mature the TN3270E specification. Today, the organization has a long list of clients who rely upon Zephyr's IP host access solutions for connectivity to critical legacy applications. Register today for a free demonstration of their newest web to host product to connect your desktop directly to your mainframe -



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