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Virtual Tape Library for Mainframes

Available now for the first time, the Virtual Tape Library for VSE, VM/VSE and OS/390 using inexpensive open systems disk can save you money and time and improve your operational efficiency. This low cost, high performance system gives you faster backups, faster restores, savings on tape drive maintenance, reduced operator requirements, and many other benefits. It can be implemented using direct attached, SAN-attached, or Network Attached (NAS) storage devices. Implemented using SAN or NAS storage, the Virtual Tape Library provides cost-effective capability for data sharing between the mainframe and open systems servers running Windows and Unix operating systems. Now you can configure a mainframe virtual tape on disk library using the new EMC Centera Content Addressable Storage (CAS) system. With this configuration, mainframe users will have a virtual tape library with disk-like response time, tape-like pricing, and optical jukebox-like WORM security of their data.

Mainframe Network Connectivity

The consolidation of large open systems alongside mainframes in the data center has turned client/server networks into data center networks.

The need to share this information in a distributed heterogeneous environment is crucial to the success of the mission critical-business applications. In this environment, the rich data content of the mainframe, which commonly stores 70% of corporate America's data, plays an ever-increasing roll. The protocol of choice to achieve this interoperability is TCP/IP.

Progress Systems offers high-performance products from Bus Tech for connecting networks to mainframe in TCP/IP and Open Systems environments. To connect from the desktop or a browser over a TCP/IP network to the mainframe applications, TN3270 emulation products from Zephyr provide leading edge connectivity solutions. For those companies with remote mainframe peripheral connectivity needs, INRANGE Channel Extension products give you the connectivity you need to support remote mainframe printing and tape drives, and remote data copy using products like EMC's SRDF for data backup and disaster recovery purposes

Disk Storage Solutions

Disk storage is the centerpiece for any storage infrastructure. Whether it is direct attached disk for your mainframe, or Storage Area Networks or Network Attached Storage for your open systems servers and mainframe Virtual Tape backup, our solutions are designed for all your data center requirements.

You will find products for every area of your data center storage needs, from leading manufacturers such as EMC, IBM, StorageTek, Network Appliance, and Uptime.

Our alliances with industry-leading vendors strengthen our offering, making us the solutions provider of choice for data center, storage and server consolidation, and data and content management needs.

Tape Storage

Progress Systems offers tape storage solutions that incorporate the latest technologies to provide data integrity, reliable back-up and restore, and high availability.

Information is your company's lifeline, and safeguarding that information is critical to success. Progress Systems can help you develop a customized data-storage and management strategy that will assure fast and reliable access to all your digital assets.

Our tape storage solutions support attachment to a wide range of mainframe and open systems server and network environments. Ranging from a single tape drive to large libraries, Progress Systems has a tape storage retention solution that's right for you. Using solutions from leading vendors such as StorageTek, Veritas, Overland Data, Bakbone, Qualstar and others, we can provide the right solution to fit your storage and budgetary requirements.

Storage Management

In today's data center, simply buying ever greater amounts of standalone disk and tape hardware solutions is no longer acceptable. Using industry leading storage management software products to maximize your storage resources is the way to go. You can also utilize software solutions to insure the security and replication of your data for disaster recovery and business continuance requirements. Progress Systems is your source for software solutions from leading storage management vendors including Veritas, Falconstor, and many others.


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