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Professional Services

Progress Systems enables companies to decrease the cost and increase the efficiency of managing their storage systems, servers, and mainframes. We do this with a comprehensive suite of services including:

Storage Assessment and Planning

  • Current disk and tape storage inventory and utilization determination
  • Future storage requirements survey
  • Solution design and architecture
  • Infrastructure hardware and software procurement
  • Installation and implementation assistance
  • Ongoing support and life cycle review

Mainframe Network Connectivity

  • TCP/IP and SNA connectivity requirements determination
  • SNA gateway software (IBM Communications Server for NT or Microsoft Host Integration Server) implementation assistance (PU and LU setup and input) if needed.
  • Mainframe SysGen assistance.

Server Assessment

  • Server inventory and utilization determination
  • Consolidation potential analysis
  • Application requirements and plans
  • System design and specification
  • Equipment procurement and installation.
  • Ongoing support and life cycle review

Other data center related professional services

Progress Systems engineers have the following certifications:

  • Sun Enterprise Computing
  • Sun Workgroup Computing
  • Sun Certified Systems Administrator
  • Sun Certified Network Administrator
  • Sun Solaris system Performance Management
  • Sun Enterprise Cluster HA Administrator
  • Veritas Volume Manager
  • HP System & Network Administration I and II
  • Brocade SilkWorm Administration
  • Brocade SilkWorm Diagnosis and Troubleshooting

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