The Mainframe Appliance for Storage implements IBM's ESCON Enabler Technology, providing compatibility to IBM's ESCON channel.



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Virtual Tape Solutions
For Total Tape Automation

Virtual Tape replaces tape drive(s) with tape-on-disk system using low-cost storage and emulates standard mainframe 3490 tape drives. The Virtual Tape solution combines new technology from Bus-Tech, Inc. called Mainframe Appliance for Storage (MAS) with very low cost storage arrays formerly available only in Unix and Windows NT systems.

The Mainframe Appliance for Storage is the latest innovation from Bus-Tech to help you manage your constantly growing storage requirements. Tape Virtualization provides the ability to implement total tape automation.

The Mainframe Appliance for Storage emulates a standard IBM 34xx tape drive and utilizes a “tape-on-disk” technique to read and write mainframe tape data onto open-system storage devices.

The Mainframe Appliance for Storage supports SCSI, Storage Area Network and Network Attached Storage devices.

There are two primary applications for the Mainframe Appliance for Storage; Mainframe Virtual Tape and data exchange between mainframes and open-systems.



Virtual Tape Solutions offer:

  • Shorter Batch Processing times -
    disk writes much faster than tape.

  • Elimination of high-
    maintenance Tape Drives.

  • Smaller Tape Libraries -
    less floor space required in expensive raised floor environment.

  • Reduced Operator Intervention -
    another customer justified Virtual Tape System in one year by being able to cut operations staff in half.

The Mainframe Appliance for Storage emulates 3490 tape drive using an emulation from IBM called AWS. This allows the data set to be written to an open-system storage device while maintaining all the information necessary for the mainframe to read the “tape” as if it were a standard 3490 cartridge.

Contention for tape drives and resource pend times are a thing of the past. Because your data is stored in local disk arrays, tape mount requests are satisfied nearly instantly.

In a SAN environment the data is written out to the disk device via a Fibre Channel/Arbitrated Loop connection. Because of the FC/AL architecture, the data can also be read by open system platforms providing true data sharing capabilities.

In a NAS environment the Mainframe Appliance for Storage is configured as an NFS (or CIFS) client and data is written to an NFS (or CIFS) mount point.


In many installations there is compelling requirement to exchange mainframe data with open-system platforms. Typically this exchange is in support of Data Warehousing or Data Mining applications. These needs are satisfied with expensive and proprietary third party hardware and/or software solutions.

The Mainframe Appliance for Storage makes this effort very straightforward and simple, regardless of which mainframe operating system you deploy or which open-systems platform you target.

In a data exchange environment the Mainframe Appliance for Storage is configured as an NFS (or CIFS) client and data is written to an NFS (or CIFS) mount point. The data is written to the NFS file system as a flat file and is subsequently processed by the open-system platform.

The Mainframe Appliance for Storage offers a cost-effective solution to assist data centers in managing the enormous volumes of data that is being generated by today’s ebusiness applications.

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